Our Story Continues

Our Story Continues...

Oh, what a bumpy ride it has been... In late June, we closed our store and decided to continue as an online platform. While we dearly miss the store and all the personal connections, this transition has given us the space and energy to pursue new ventures that have long been on our wish list.

Enter Hazel & George, our very own brand, which has taken on a much larger role in our daily lives. Our collection has expanded to include the softest baby blankets made in Spain, and we are proud to introduce our Linen Bed Canopy in the finest linen quality. Hazel & George is like our "new baby," and we're fueled by the incredible response it has received. Thank you for all your orders and the overwhelmingly positive feedback. Recently, we held a campaign shoot for Hazel & George in collaboration with Mek Styling. We hope you'll be just as inspired to transform your bedrooms into magical places as we are. You can find the images on our revamped website. 

Behind the scenes, we've been hard at work on a brand new identity. We are thrilled with the results – our logo has evolved into The Archive Store, with new fonts and colors, improved product visuals, and a more editorial layout. The best part is that we can continue to fine-tune and enhance it.

Our biggest wish is to provide the same inspiring environment and service as we did in our physical store. We understand it's more challenging to convey this online, but please know that we're here and eager to assist you. Through our shoots and stories, new features to shop the look, and create your own combination of products, we hope to bring the essence of our store to your screen, thanks in no small part to our fantastic photographer, Eliza.

And what we love most is helping you put together beautiful sets, styling them, showcasing numerous options, and guiding you through the world of baby wonders. What do you need, what can you do without, what's a 'Nice to Have,' and what's essential… With the new imagery and functionalities of our website, it's easier than ever to see the colours and materials, allowing you to create the most beautiful nurseries, kids room and to decorate your home. 

In our physical store, we cherished the time we spent with each of you, curating the most exquisite items and helping you design your rooms. That's what we missed the most! Thankfully, we can now offer this service online too. We have a styling service on the website, and based on your wishes and photos, we create personalised mood boards. We've created many of these already, and the before-and-after photos our customers send us make our hearts skip a beat.

Meanwhile, we're actively searching for a beautiful pop-up location and hope to see all of you again in November/December.

For now, A bientôt!


Anna & Martine