Kelly In Her Haarlem Townhouse

In this guide we take you to the most beautiful homes. Why? We love to see our products come to life in your family space. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing how everyone gives it it's own magic touch.

This At Home With is with Kelly, mother of the little Maan (3) and Morris (5).

First stop: Morris his room. How perfect does the Boheme desk fit in here?

Not to mention these cozy pillows, combined with the Fauna fitted sheet and gold canopy.

The wall of memories... items gathered through out the years and completed with Zoé Rumeau.

Next stop: Maan her room. This canopy turns the bedroom into a dreamy decor.

Hello cozy corners! All the items were collected at Maan's birth, and she still loves them...

We love the display of these beautiful items on our very own clothes stand.

This Bluebell fitted sheet from Garbo&friends is our all time favorite, Maan thinks the same!

Storing your items? Don't put all of them in a basket, but show your eye catchers...

And this Forivor quilt is definitely an eye catcher. Don't you also want to snuggle up on the couch?

While snuggling up on the couch, the Numero 74 clothing couldn't be more stylish and comfortable!

And that's it! Looking forward to see more inspiring homes of our community...