Traveling With Your Little Ones

While a family holiday is so much fun and a great way to make memories, it can also be quite stressful, especially with young children. We have collected a number of tips & tricks that we have found useful during our own holidays. So whether you're exploring exotic destinations or heading out for a local getaway, we've got you covered.

1. Bring along familiar comforts

When traveling with little kids, it's essential to pack their favorite toys, books, bottles, and so on. These comforting items can help soothe them during unfamiliar situations, making the journey more pleasant for both you and your little one. 

2. Let your baby explore

Resist the urge to keep your baby strapped in a carrier or stroller all day long. Giving your little explorer the opportunity to walk and get some exercise can help them lose energy! If your child isn't walking yet, laying out a mat or allowing them to roll around can be an excellent way for them to stretch and have some playtime. 

3. Keep them entertained

Whether you're on the road or going out for dinner at a restaurant, make sure to bring some entertainment. A pencil case with drawing supplies and a notebook is perfect for the little creative or bring a game to play with the whole family while you're waiting.

4. Involve them

A holiday takes children away from their structure, so they don't know what to expect. Make this a fun thing by thinking together about activities you like to do and involve them in making a plan.

5. Something practical

Especially with babies, think practical! An accident can happen quickly so make sure that the things you take with you are easy to wash, such as the cover of your car seat for example. In addition, it is useful to take a good baby carrier with you, since the narrow streets in foreign cities are not all ideal for strollers.

6. Capture the moments

Traveling with your kids is an incredible opportunity to create lasting memories. Don't forget to capture those precious moments through photographs and videos. Involve your kids in documenting the journey, and you'll cherish those memories for years to come.

7. Go with the flow!

This is perhaps the easiest and most difficult tip at the same time because we don't want to be faced with unexpected things on a holiday. What we mean by this is that in the end you can't plan everything with young children and that things often turn out differently than you expected and hoped in advance. Try not to worry too much about that and above all to enjoy it a lot! Ultimately, children have the greatest fun by being together and being able to play and that ensures the most beautiful memories.