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Zoé Rumeau

Lighting Balloon With Paper Cover

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Handmade lighting Balloon with paper cover from Zoe Rumeau. It's flat on one side so you can hang it on the wall. Zoe Rumeau is a Parisian artist who makes great wall decorations and nightlights in the shape of a moon, star, cloud or alphabet letter... All handmade. A piece of Zoe Rumeau turns your children bedroom into a magical place; for those who dream of a nursery unlike any other. But off course also a great eye-catcher in your living room, bedroom or any wall you want.

This item is handmade. Since each piece is unique, the item may vary slightly from the photo.


Soldered iron wire with led lights


48 x 31 cm, light cord 500 cm

Zoe Rumeau - Luchtballon met papier