Musthaves To Decorate The Nursery

There are endless possibilities to make your nursery unique and special for your little one, but where to start? In this guide we'll show you all our nursery musthaves and favorite brands, discover below!

1. Dresser 2. Changing Mat 3. Cloths 4. Lighting 5. Wall Decoration 6. Play Blanket 7. Activity Toys 8. Rocker 9. Cot


Every beautiful nursery needs an equally nice and sustainable dresser to store your baby's clothing and treasures. We carefully selected items which will both complement and complete any nursery for years to come.

Wall Decoration

Find magical wall decoration for your nursery by beautiful brands like Fiona Walker England, Zoé Rumeau and Numero 74. Think animal heads, ornaments, wire words, posters, handmade plates and more...

Changing Mats

Changing mats are quite indispensable when it comes to baby essentials. You want your little one to be comfortable while you change a diaper; that is why we carefully selected the softest mats out there by brands like Numero 74 and Garbo & friends.

Play Mats

Leave it to us to collect the most beautiful range of play mats for your little one. Discover our carefully selected mattresses by Habibi Café, Numero 74, Mallino & more below. Which one is your nursery favorite?

Moses Baskets

Your baby will be snug as a bug in one of our beautiful Moses baskets for babies, made by Numero 74. Available in many colors, the baskets make for a wonderful finishing touch to your nursery; cozy them up by adding a sheepskin snuggler.

Nursery Bedding

It's time to cozy up your nursery and bedroom- and we are here to help. Whether you are looking for bedlinen, crib organizers and bumpers, blankets, cushions or throws: we have the most beautiful items in our collection. Discover here!