Amber Bracelet Cognac Labradorite



Amber bracelet Cognac Labradorite from our private label. Did you know that amber not only looks very cute but also has a great function? The amber necklace and bracelets for babies and toddlers are widely used for the pain-relieving effect. This is due to the acid of the amber that is released at the body temperature of your little one. Ideally during teething. Amber is not a stone but fossilized resin from age-old conifers of millions years old. Amber feels very soft and light which makes it feel nice on the skin of your little one.

All jewelry may not be worn or used without the supervision of an adult, also not while sleeping. The bracelets and necklaces are not meant to be used as a teething toy. The jewelry is made in such a way that they break under too much pressure. This is for safety so your little one cannot swallow the stones.


Amber and labradorite


0-3 Y = 14 cm / 3-6 Y = 16 cm