All The Baby Essentials You'll Need

We know becoming a new mum can be a little overwhelming, so we put together a newborn guide to help you on the way. Discover all our baby essentials below...

For The Nursery

The essentials start with the nursery, because how to create the most magical room for your little one? Start with the basics: a beautiful crib, some storage and build from there.

Then start collecting the first essential items, beginning with the wardrobe. We always say, one to wear, one to store and one in the laundry...

Make sure you collect some handy little things on the dresser. Calming skincare, little things to store and a rattle or pacifier to calm down your little one.

For Naptime

During naptime you need some extra must-haves you can put down wherever you need. This Moses basket from Numero 74 is one of our favorites.

En natuurlijk mag een knuffel niet ontbreken. Senger heeft zacht speelgoed in alle vormen en maten waarvan er een aantal zelfs als kruik gebruikt kunnen worden.

Top it off with light and soft blanket to put over your baby for some extra comfort and warmth.

For Changing

Changing time! Not always a favorite, but luckily we have some beautiful essentials that make it a little more fun. Like this Frida basket that looks good everywhere.

Don't forget the skincare! We have a wonderful selection from Minois Paris or Kenko with everything you could possibly need.

Our tip: buy a few changing covers you can easily change when they get a little dirty. And a bonus, you can easily change the color or style too!

For Every Day

Ofcourse you can never have enough and there's a lot we haven't covered yet (but coming soon!) In the meantime, don't be afraid to ask us for tips or stop by in our store.

And are you looking to buy the perfect gift set for a mum (to be)? Reach out to, and we can help you create the set perfect for you!

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