Sol Eau De Toilette Kids

By Kenkô


Kenkô released three unique Eau de Toilettes for kids (4Y+), happiness in the bottle. These scents are inspired by and created in collaboration with three mothers, Nina Pierson, Lucy Woesthoff and Thammy Salcedo. 

This collection celebrates the beauty of nature and mother-and-child connection through original Nina, Lucy and Thammy’s stories and fresh interpretations of timeless notes. Each fragrance acts as a captivating love letter of one of the mothers to her favourite place on Earth and a particular natural ingredient. The scents are created for mother and child to pick together and use to capture in mind specific events, places and memories of the feelings — one scent for home, another for a holiday.

The scent Sol, imagined by the Brazil-born mother of Leo and Luna, Thammy Salcedo, has her elegant and colourful style and sunny personality. “I want to create a smell that reminds me of my home and childhood. Summer, sun and the beach.” – says Thammy. The Sol feels warm and pure with the sandalwood oil alongside Bourbon vanilla and carrot heart, offering a fruity, velvety and colourful touch.

Colourful and sunny Brazil translated into a soft blend of natural and mellow goodness. Enjoy the warm creaminess of natural sandalwood and the comfortable richness of the best bourbon vanilla. Cuddling up in the shadow under the orange tree, sitting on the trunk weathered driftwood. What a treat sharing and nibbling pure chocolate with a dash of wild honey.

Suitable and gentle for body & clothes.


Ingredients: Aqua, Ethanol*, Parfum, Linalool, Citral, Eugenol, Geraniol, Limonene (100% natural) *Made of local organic wheat (free from denaturants) dosed as low as possible. Sol eau de toilette kids has been specially developed for younger kids from the age of 4. The scent and the percentage of alcohol are dosed as low as possible. The scent is 100% natural, consisting of high quality oils. 50 ml – 100% natural and vegan.

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