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Wow Paint Bali

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All orders with paint are custom made therefor delivery time is approx 1 week

Natural stucco paint in beautiful color Bali. 

Coverage 8 m2 / liter

WOW paint stucco effect is applied in 2 layers, use a good quality natural block brush with “blond” hairs and add the paint playfully on walls. Pour paint from several cans into one bucket and stir all the paint well before you start painting.


WOW paint is breathable, human and environmentally friendly, so very suitable for baby and childrens room.


For 8 m2 you need 1 ltr. Suppose you have a wall of 20 m2 on which you apply 2 layers of WOWpaint: 2 x 20m2 = 40m2 : 8 = 5 liter.

Wow Paint Bali